external Instagram Direct Isn’t Dead, The Messaging Feature Has 45 Million Users —TechCrunch

Seven months after launching Instagram Direct, 45 million of Instagram’s 200 million users are actively sending or opening Direct messages, the company tells me. This 23% monthly usage rate indicates Direct is far from stillborn. While I haven’t seen or heard of many friends using the ephemeral private sharing channel, it may be quietly gaining steam with those who use Instagram as their primary social network, or small groups looking for more intimacy than the feed

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Camera Equipment Fire at Rockefeller Plaza Observation Deck Injures 6


Although details are still scarce, New York City fire officials say six people suffered minor burns when a piece of unknown camera equipment caught fire on the observation deck of 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

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external Canon Patent for Foveon Sensor with Anti-Reflection Film —CanonWatch


Egami has spotted another multi-layer Foveon-like sensor patent from Canon. This one has only three (not five) layers, and sets itself apart instead using a special coating that will help reduce reflection and flares.

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ACLU Sues US Gov Over Program that Can Mark You as ‘Suspicious’ for Taking Photos in Public


The American Civil Liberties Union is helping four individuals take the United States Government to court over something called the Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Initiative.

The program has received wide criticism recently, led in large part by a photographer who made the FBI’s suspicious activity list for taking pictures of a piece of public art called the Rainbow Swash. Read more…

external Exclusive Resorts And Leica Introduce The “Leica On Loan” Program —Leica Rumors

Travelers can select from nearly the full line of Leica equipment including the compact, WIFI enabled Leica C or the much sought after Leica M and have items shipped to their home prior to departure on an Exclusive Resorts vacation. Upon their return, guests ship back the borrowed gear and may opt to purchase a new version of the camera or sport optic from Exclusive Resorts directly.

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Singer Colbie Caillat Rejects Photoshopped Perfection in New Music Video and Album


Receiving a lot of praise today is musician Colbie Caillat, who is using her newest EP and music video to speak out against the undue pressure that Photoshopped and make-up-made perfection puts on all women. Read more…

New Fotodiox Excell +1 Speedbooster Gets You an Extra Stop of Light on the Cheap

While not the first company to enter the speedbooster game, Fotodiox is turning some heads and dropping some jaws with their newly-released Fotodiox Excell +1 speedbooster.

Designed in two models — a Nikon F version and a Canon FD glass version — the Excell +1 lets you slap your ‘old’ glass on your MFT body and gives you an extra stop of light for about a third of the price of the competition. Read more…

Rumor: Fuji X100S Successor Will Arrive at Photokina with Better AF and 24MP Sensor


The closer we get to Photokina the more excited we’re becoming. Canon will supposedly unveil the 7D Mark II (among other things), Sigma supposedly has several lenses up its sleeve, we might see the next ZEISS Otus lens, and now, we’re also hearing talk of a Fuji X100S successor making an appearance with some significant upgrades. Read more…

external Google, Dropbox, Canon And Others Team Up To Disarm Future Patent Trolls —Engadget

Patent litigation from non-participating entities (casually known as “patent trolls”) is the bane of a technology firm’s legal department. Fighting patent lawsuits from firms that subsist completely on licensing and legal action is a frustrating waste of resources, and one that often stifles innovation indirectly.

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Google Camera Now Gives Remote Shutter Control to Android Wear Devices


With the advent of wearable technology, it was inevitable the devices would soon start to integrate into mobile photographers’ workflow. And thanks to Google’s latest update, its Camera app looks to be the first to the punch. Read more…