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external Why Instagram Should Turn Twitter Cards Back On —Hunter Walk

YouTube never disabled embeds on Twitter or Facebook, letting visitors to those products watch a YouTube video without ever coming to our site. YouTube worked with Apple to make our app a default experience on iOS, even leaving it effectively non-monetized until last year. Why?… Because we knew that our community was OURS only so long as we served THEIR needs.

Instagram photos ceased being viewable on Twitter last December due to a strategic decision by Facebook management, which Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said was “their prerogative…” What Instagram gave up, in my mind, was owning the word “photo” on Twitter… These days “photo” for me on Twitter could mean their own native hosting, or FrontBack, or imgur, or any number of other destination links.

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Researchers Develop Method for Getting High-Quality Photos from Crappy Lenses


There are many reason high-quality lenses cost as much as they do (and in some cases that is quite a lot), and one of them is that high-end lenses use many specially-designed elements that are perfectly-positioned to counteract aberrations and distortions.

But what if you could correct for all of that in post? Automatically? With just the click of a button? You could theoretically use a crappy lens and generate high-end results. Well, that’s what researchers at the University of British Columbia are working on, and so far their results are very promising. Read more…

Wedding Photographer Wanted Ad Makes Us Lose a Little Faith in Humanity


It’s time like these that hashtags like #facepalm were invented for. Thanks to a reader, we recently stumbled across a “Wedding Photographer Wanted” ad on Craigslist that we sincerely hope is fake. Then again, given previous experience, it’s probably not. Read more…

external Looking to Sell Some Gear? ‘Sold’ Does All the Work for You —Lifehacker

If you have spare gear lying around that needs selling — and given how many camera announcements are coming up in October, some spare cash could come in really useful — you might want to check out Sold.

Sold is an iOS and Android app that takes all of the hassle out of selling. Just take some pics, write a description and Sold sells it, sets up shipping and pays you when it’s over.

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Twitter Revamps Embedded Tweets, Puts Pictures Front and Center


With Google+ constantly working on making things better for photographers — most recently by incorporating better RAW-to-JPEG conversion — the other social networks are trying to do their part to entice the photo community as well. For Twitter, that means revamping embedded tweets so that photos are more prominent. Read more…

Rumble and Sway: An Epic New York City Time-Lapse ‘Mixtape’

It wouldn’t be the weekend without a little bit of time-lapse inspiration. So as you’re getting ready to enjoy another Sunday packed with football and fun, check out this epic NYC time-lapse and hyperlapse compilation put together by the guys over at The Seventh Movement. Read more…

external See if the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Survives Being Run Under a Faucet —The Phoblographer

As part of their review of the new Olympus OM-D E-M1, the folks over at The Phoblographer decided to put the “splashproof” designation to the test. Check out the video above to see just how resilient the shooter really is.

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Lady Flips Off Engagement Photo, Couple Finds it Hilarious


I suppose we all owe a small cultural debt to this anonymous older lady at a recent Colorado Rockies game. Thanks to her, we now know what the exact opposite of a photobomb looks like.

That would be having a cranky grandma type show up in the money shot of your carefully arranged proposal, flipping the bird at the camera to show exactly how she felt about the interruption. Read more…

Toshiba Unveils Dual Camera Module for Lytro-like Refocusing and ‘Deep Focus’


It’s been 10 months since Toshiba was said to have been developing a tiny camera module that would bring Lytro-style refocusing to smartphones and tablets, but the company only just announced something official. Read more…

external This Simple Folder Naming Tip Will Help Keep You Organized —Fstoppers

Photographer Trevor Dayley has a very specific way he names his photography folders, and although he’s the first to admit it’s nothing groundbreaking, it helps him stay organized and quickly find what he’s looking for.

Instead of naming folders at random, he uses the following system: Year-Month-Day – Category – Name. So if it’s a Wedding Between Jon and Jane Shot on October 10th of last year, the folder will be named “2012-10-10 – Wedding – Jon and Jane”

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