A collection of detailed figurines displayed on a surface. Items include a cactus, bear, T-Rex, dragon emerging from an egg, lion, raccoon with a pizza, dogs, skull, hippo, duck, croissant, pigeon, turkey, turtle, toy car, crab, elephant, and a bird.

Meta’s New Text-to-3D Generator Creates 3D Models in Under a Minute

While Meta deals with artificial intelligence in the form of its constantly-changing content tagging system, the company's research wing is hard at work on novel generative AI technology, including a new Meta 3D Gen platform that delivers text-to-3D asset generation with high-quality geometry and texture.

A smartphone screen displays a photo gallery with 8,342 items. The gallery showcases various images, predominantly featuring people in colorful outfits, sunflowers, and outdoor scenes. The background fades through shades of red, green, and yellow.

How Apple is Changing the Ways You Find and Enjoy Your Photos

At Apple's annual WWDC event in early June, the company announced that a redesigned Photos app was on the way, complete with AI-powered photo editing thanks to Apple's ambitious new Apple Intelligence platform. PetaPixel spoke to three of the many people behind the all-new Photos app to learn more about the team's goals and how the new app will transform the user experience.