I Wish More Photographers Were Like Prince

The passing of Prince gave the world pause to consider the nearly peerless artistic success and untimely death of an iconic musician.

Everyone’s Talking About Prince’s New Passport Pic

People often complain about how terrible they look in their passport photos, and it doesn't help that the US government has some pretty strict requirements regarding the layout, lighting, and composition. That's probably why everyone seems to be talking about Prince's official passport pic, which the musician shared with the world recently.

Prince Joins Increasing Number of Artists Banning Photography at their Concerts

It's become a pattern with musicians lately. In an attempt to force people to actually experience the concert they're attending, many musicians are banning photography at their shows outright. In the past, we shared messages put up by the bands She & Him, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Savages, all of whom are kindly asking concert goers to put away their darn cell phones.