Remove a Stuck Lens Filter by Tapping It Lightly With Your Finger

Here's a strange photography hack that may sound stupid and unbelievable... but it can actually work: if you have a filter that's hopelessly stuck to the front of your camera lens, try lightly tapping it with your finger. The Koldunov Brothers show how it's done in the 1-minute video above.

Here’s the Right Way to Wrap Cords and Cables

There are few things in life more frustrating than tangled cords and rope, and you may run into both during a photo shoot. In under 5 minutes, this video from PremiumBeat will teach you how to properly wrap your cables to keep them tidy and save time.

Tip: Use Gmail’s Canned Responses To Save Time And Stress

There's a Gmail add-on feature that photographers and others always seem to benefit from once they find out about it. I've been using it since it has been available and it has been amazing. If there are any responses that you continually re-write over and over again, Gmail's "Canned Responses" feature is there to help.

Tip: Smell Your Film Rolls to Figure Out Their Relative Age

Suppose you come home from a trip in which you shot many rolls of film. You want to develop your film chronologically, but found that you forgot to label them with their order. What do you do? I have a solution... a chemical solution (photography joke): smell your film.

A Look at Using Your Tripod as a Makeshift Steadicam

YouTube woodworking guru Matthias Wandel just posted this video about how he recently discovered that he can use his tripod as a simple DIY camera stabilizer for some casual filming. After doing some experiments with a DIY glidecam system, Wandel found that he actually got the smoothest shots by simply pointing the legs of his big and heavy Manfrotto tripod out and running around with his camera attached to it.