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Hotel WiFi Speed Test Can Keep You Well Connected When Traveling with Your Camera



Want to make sure you can upload your travel photos quickly from your hotel room? Hotel WiFi Speed Test is a service that can help you plan ahead when you’re roaming the world with your camera.

The service is a crowdsourced database of hotel WiFi speeds. Users can test their current hotel Internet connection speeds using the site, and the results are aggregated for the benefit of other users.


Do a search for the next hotel you’re staying at, and you’ll be able to see whether or not the WiFi is free, and how fast you can expect it to be. Having trouble deciding on a hotel? If Internet is important to you, the service can sort the hotels in a city based on their WiFi performance.

It’s a handy little tool that should come in handy for photo-sharing photographers plagued by wanderlust.

Hotel WiFi Speed Test (via Laughing Squid)