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How to Use a 35mm Film Canister as a Simple SD Card Case



Here’s a clever idea: if you have unwanted 35mm film canisters lying around, you can turn them into simple cases for storing and organizing your SD cards.

Instructables member mxx has the lowdown on how they do it. SD cards fit nicely inside the canisters without any additional modification — 9 cards can fit inside 1 canister.


To make the cards easier to get to, you can place a round piece of foam at the bottom of the canister — the foam from a used pill bottle, for example.



The foam can absorb shocks and prevents the cards from rattling inside the case, and it’ll make your cards pop out of the case a bit when you open the lid. Also, the film canister is both dustproof and waterproof when the cap is securely attached.


In addition to storing, the system can be used to organize your cards. Simply insert a thin 24x33mm board that has two different colors on the two sides (e.g. green and red). Place your empty SD cards on one side (e.g. the green one) and your full SD cards on the other (e.g. the red one).



Voila! Your do-it-yourself SD card case should be good to go.

“It seems fitting that the housing that once protected your precious film, can still do the same for your images in the digital age,” mxx writes.

Image credits: Photographs by mxx/Instructables