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Here’s the Right Way to Wrap Cords and Cables


There are few things in life more frustrating than tangled cords and rope, and you may run into both during a photo shoot. In under 5 minutes, this video from PremiumBeat will teach you how to properly wrap your cables to keep them tidy and save time.

The “Over and Under” method is a tried-and-true method for organizing cables that audio and video technicians use daily. It works best with longer cables, and can be done either left- or right-handed.

As the video explains, you may need to ‘retrain’ your cables if they have developed kinks or loops. To prepare them, just lay them out in the sun for a few hours. For rope, soak it in water first and then lay it out in the same way.

Now, the method. It’s easier to see this in motion, so check the gif below or the full video at the top. Basically, you want to grab your cable and create an overhand loop, then flip it and create an underhand loop. By repeating this, the cable will coil in to a nice circle.

Once you have your neat circle, secure it with a velcro tie or string. It’s better to secure it at the male end of the cable, so it won’t interfere with the equipment you’re plugging it in to.

Here’s an extra tip, since you made it this far: you can store the neatly coiled cable in a large bucket, which will help it keep shape and make transport easier.

(via PremiumBeat via Fstoppers)