How to Easily Charge All Your Batteries on Strange Outlets While Traveling


My name is Jesse Rockwell, and I’m a California-based photographer with an insatiable appetite for travel. I wanted to share a solution I have found for international travel and the hassle of charging large numbers of batteries on strange foreign outlets.

Currently, I’m traveling through Asia. In the past I have always had issues keeping all my batteries charged (drone, 3 cameras, phone, tablet, computer, e-cigarette, etc…). Bringing a power strip can work, but you often run into the problem of blocking outlets when the charging stands are too large. Then, when you come to a new country, you have to search around for an adapter to fit the strange plug.

If you buy cheap Chinese adapters, you can run in to big problems. I blew out a laptop in Malaysia because of a cheap adapter once. Had to sell it for parts.
This trip I did a little research and found what I think is the best solution if you need to charge a ton of things like I do.

First you need one of these awesome little power cube adapter things.


This isn’t the same brand I have, but it looks exactly the same. This has a male plug for every outlet on Earth, as well as female back with every configuration, and 2 USB ports as well.


Then, instead of a power strip, get a PowerSquid. These are unbeatable, because all the plugs will always be available and not covered up like with a power strip.



Here’s a picture of this setup charging a drone battery, DSLR battery, phone, laptop, and e-cig battery off one outlet in Nepal.



I have nothing to do with any of these companies — I’m just hoping to help photographers out there who might have run into these issues while traveling and shooting abroad!

P.S. Make sure your device and adapter can handle the voltage used by the country you’re in. You may need to also buy a transformer.

About the author: Jesse Rockwell is a California-based photographer, traveler, and food enthusiast. You can find more of his photos and writing on his website and Flickr.