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5 Clever Ways to Add a 1/4-inch Tripod Mount to… Anything



This is really neat. Here’s a quick, useful DIY tip that’ll show you 5 creative ways to add a 1/4″ tripod mount to just about any object both destructively and non-destructively.

The tip comes from thefrugalfilmmaker on YouTube, and while he’s talking to filmmakers, we could imagine at least a few ways these tricks could come in handy for photographers as well.

The five ways—which include nuts you can stick to any flat surface, clamps that let you add an extra mount to a painters pole or monopod, and even a non-destructive way to add a mount anywhere using a spring clamp—are described in full in the video above.

Links to all the goodies he mentions can be found in the video’s description.

(via Lifehacker)