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Tip: You Can Use Your Wallet as a Simple Tripod for Your Smartphone



There are now a number of smartphone tripods out there that are designed to fit inside your wallet when not in use. Before you buy one, though, here’s a random little tip: if your wallet is thick and sturdy enough, you don’t even need a separate accessory — your wallet itself can do just fine.

The idea is stupidly simple — many of you may have already done this before — but the trick can be helpful when you need to snap a picture and can’t find anything stable to rest your phone on/against.


Singaporean smartphone snapper Bang Ong shows us how he does this in this short video tutorial:

You’ll need the smartphone to snap shots by itself, but timers are built into many camera apps these days. You can also use this trick with your compact camera if it’s small and thin enough.

(via Laughing Squid)