How I Lost My 8-Year-Old Photography Website

This is the story and all the messy details of how I lost my photography business' 8-year-old website at Bludomain, a hosting service "for the creative professional."

My Worst Nightmare Came True: I S**t My Pants on a Photo Shoot

Hey guys. I'm a long-time PetaPixel reader and guest writer, but to avoid tarnishing my photography business forever and making my clients super uncomfortable, I’m going to use a pseudonym for this story of my worst nightmare coming true. Just call me Ernst Barnak.

Horror-Themed Engagement Photo Shoot Presented as a Comic Strip

Here's an interesting idea for engagement photographers looking to try something different. This Hungarian couple not only decided to do a horror-themed engagement shoot (something we've seen before), they took it one step further by turning the whole thing into a short horror-themed engagement comic.

Movie Villains in Their Twilight Years

For his project titled "Horror Vacui" (latin for "fear of empty space"), photographer Federico Chiesa imagines what the villains and creepy characters of '80s films would be like if they were "still alive" today.