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‘Photography Woes’ Meme Shares the Cringeworthy Things Photographers Hear


8N6P0RC - Imgur

There’s a new set of photography memes that have generated quite a bit of attention over the past week. “Photography Woes” is a set of meme images featuring true horror stories by professional photographers that are both funny and sad at the same time.

The 20 stories were compiled by Imgur user geeosaurus from his own experiences and those of his photographer friends, and they’ve racked up over half a million views in four days on the image sharing site.

“I’m a little late to the party but I wanted to participate,” he writes.

v9bhZGX - Imgur

wFEovB2 - Imgur

dFC2gXo - Imgur

VfHfHyf - Imgur

Eb5V7VD - Imgur

0qAPqB0 - Imgur

So most of these are my own stories and a couple of them were experiences that my photographer friends shared with me. - Imgur

XKrfaRl - Imgur

BVNz2aA - Imgur

There are 20 of these “Photography Woes” meme images in the gallery. You can view the whole set over on Imgur.