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‘Polaroid’ is a Scary Short Film with an Instant Camera


Why do so many photography-themed scary films feature Polaroid cameras? Who knows… but this 3-minute short film titled “Polaroid” by Joey Greene will have your heart racing. The synopsis reads: “It’s the things we can’t see that terrify us the most…”

Not to be confused with a horror movie released into cinemas this year that’s also called Polaroid, this new film was shot with a very small crew using a RED Scarlet-Weapon. It was honored as a Staff Pick at Vimeo.

In the film, the main character appears to be moving into a house. He opens up a box in a bare room and pulls out a Polaroid OneStep camera, shooting a frame at the floor to see what it does.

Out pops a Polaroid instant photo, and that’s where things start to get creepy…