How to Nail Exposure in Film Photos With and Without a Light Meter

In this article, we are going to be talking about 3 different ways you can set the right exposure for film. The biggest thing for beginning film photographers is to learn is how to meter your film properly. For our example today, I’m going to be shooting on Portra 400 and Fuji 400, and the Portra 800.

It’s the Exposure Quadrangle, Not Triangle

The Exposure Triangle; you’ve heard of it, I’m sure. It’s fabled in story and song and celebrated by photo instructors everywhere. We can even buy t-shirts commemorating the concept! There have been countless articles written about the “exposure triangle” (try a Web search and see for yourself), all with the intent of helping newcomers to photography figure out how exposure works in their cameras.

How to Nail Exposure in Your Photos Using Manual Mode

If you've been wanting to learn more about using your camera in manual mode and have 26 minutes to spare, here's a helpful educational video by photographer Sean Tucker that's just for you. He teaches how to nail exposure using manual mode.

The Rising ‘Pay To Be Featured’ Economy On Instagram

Instagram is a great platform for making connections and getting work out there to the masses. Reach hasn't been affected like it has on Facebook just yet. However, on the topic of getting your work out there, "feature accounts" have really begun to take hold.

The Olympus Accounting Scandal is Being Made Into a TV Series

In 2011, Olympus was rocked by a financial scandal after it fired its British CEO who had raised questions about over $1 billion in questionable "acquisitions" between 2006 and 2008. As the truth was uncovered, seven Olympus officials were arrested for fraud and the former CEO settled a lawsuit for $15.5 million. Now the famous camera brand's scandal is being made into a TV series.

A 3-Part Guide to Nailing Exposure In-Camera

Shooting RAW gives you a lot of latitude to make exposure adjustments in post, but it’s still vital to understand how to correctly expose a scene to avoid clipping highlights and destroying shadows. This 3-part series from photographer Greg Benz will teach you everything you need to know to get the shot.

The Exposure Triangle: A Beginner’s Guide

How important is exposure in photography? What are the components of exposure? What is the "Exposure Triangle"? These are the questions I will attempt to answer in this introductory article about ISO, aperture, and shutter speed -- the components of achieving a properly exposed photo.

On Working for Exposure: A Truth of Creative Currencies

Try and make money through a creative endeavor, be it photography, music, design, or art as a whole, and you’ll go through a transitional lesson wherein you discover that some people will present you an opportunity to spread your fledgling creative wings, but financial gain isn’t part of the reward.

Old School: How to Meter and Expose for Any Lighting Situation

It's time for a long overdue post. Looking back through my archives, I realized that I've covered topics like film selections and scanning film but to date I've skipped one really important part: metering and exposing color film.

The Exposure Triangle Sucks, Here’s Why

"The Exposure Triangle" is a catchy phrase meant to encompass the three factors which affect the exposure of a photograph of a scene with a given amount of light. It's often given to new photographers as a learning aid.

How Exposure Affects Film Photos

One of the things about film photography is that exposure on film, unlike in digital photography, is not equivalent at all to overall brightness of an image.

Alien Skin Software Unveils Exposure X for Organizing and Editing Photos

Adobe may be dominating the photo editing space with Photoshop and Lightroom, but there are still a number of companies out there competing against those ubiquitous programs. One of them is Alien Skin Software, which just announced Exposure X, its latest software solution for organizing, editing, and enhancing photos.

Comic: You’re Doing it for the Exposure

Warning: This comic contains some explicit language.

Cartoonist Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal struck a chord with photographers and other creatives a couple of days ago by published a new comic titled "You're Doing it for the Exposure."

How to Create Basic Double Exposure Portraits in Camera and in Photoshop

Scouting the world to find the perfect shot is one of photography’s pure joys. You discover the perfect moment, carefully frame your viewfinder, and press the shutter button. Within a fraction of a second, the world is seemingly pulled in through your lens: striking your film or sensor to create an everlasting impression.

However, what would happen if you fired the shutter a second time and created another impression over the first? You would create a double exposure: two images combined within a single frame. Let’s take a look and see how these artful creations come to fruition through a bit of simple ingenuity.

A Primer on Reading and Using Histograms

Image histograms are useful tools that can be used to help properly gauge the exposure and contrast within a scene during shooting or to balance the tonality of a photograph in post-production. These days, histogram graphs can be found almost everywhere, with more modern digital cameras including live displays during composition. Today’s primer focuses on how to correctly read histograms and use them to your advantage.

‘Exposure’ Now Legal Tender For Photographers

A change in the law will allow photographers to pay rent on their homes and studios with ‘exposure’ instead of money. They will also be able to buy coffee, shampoo, and other essentials by mentioning to the checkout assistant that they did a big job last week for nothing and are hoping it will bring them some paying clients.