How to Nail Exposure in Your Photos Using Manual Mode

If you’ve been wanting to learn more about using your camera in manual mode and have 26 minutes to spare, here’s a helpful educational video by photographer Sean Tucker that’s just for you. He teaches how to nail exposure using manual mode.

Tucker walks through the fundamental concepts you’ll need to know, from how cameras work to the exposure triangle.

After teaching the head knowledge, Tucker also goes out into the street (at 15 minutes in) to provide some examples and tips on shooting manual in the real world.

“A lot of my street photography is made up of contrasty images where the majority of the frame falls to deep shadow,” Tucker says. “The question I get asked most is ‘how do you expose for this sort of shot’? The short answer is ‘Manual Mode’… and the long answer is this video.

“I try and break down exactly how to expose correctly for any scene using aperture, shutter speed and ISO to balance your exposure triangle. This is probably a good video for any amateurs out there who are looking to take more control of their photography.”