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3 Ways to Turn Exposure Into Money as a Photographer


Should you ever give a client photos in exchange for “exposure”? That’s the question discussed in this 6-minute video by NYC-based portrait and fashion photographer Jeff Rojas. He shares 3 things you can turn exposure into money.

Rojas advises that it could pay off financially for a photographer if the exposure includes…

1. A Mailing List. Instead of directly profiting from the client, you could be gaining direct access to a huge mailing list of paying clients.

2. Trading Things for Product. Many photographers sign up to do sponsorships in which they trade their services in exchange for product (e.g. a camera).

3. Forward Agreements. You can try to become an exclusive photographer for a company for an extended period of time.

“No photographer wants to work for free,” says Rojas. “However, there are a couple of unique circumstances where you may want to consider it.”