Aputure’s New Infinibar Lights Are Colorful, Powerful, and Built for Pros

Three LED light bars of varying heights are displayed against a black background. Each bar emits a colorful gradient light, showcasing shades of pink, blue, and green, and has a minimalist, modern design with tripod-like bases.

Following the initial product release launched last March, Aputure has announced the refresh of the Infinibar product family with the addition of new four-light kits and accessories adding even more functionality to the lineup.

Coincidentally timed with Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles, the company announced the launch of these two new light kits for the Infinibar system including the $2,590 PB6 and $2,790 PB12 “four-light kits” that consist of four high-pixel-density linear light bars in two or four-foot lengths along with an expanded line of accessories intended to let creatives build practically any sort of combination of light-builds they can think of.

These new accessories include power options such as a new battery adapter and mounting options that can allow up to 20 lights to be connected together from a single power source. Both kits come with rolling-style hard-shell cases that contain everything users will need to get up and running, including a four-way splitter to charge the lights even while inside the case.

A collection of black Aputure lighting accessories is displayed on a hexagonal patterned table. The items include a control box, mounting plates, two straps, and various brackets, all arranged in an orderly manner with a black and white background.

Two black Aputure carrying cases stand against a black background. The case on the left is shorter and has a handle on its side; the case on the right is tall and narrow. Both cases have the Aputure logo prominently displayed on their sides in white letters.

“When our Infinibar power users asked for more portable options and accessories, we listened. Our new kits and accessories further expand on the functionality of the Infinibar system by adding power options and mounting in portable kits a single person can transport,” says Aputure co-founder and president Tim Sim.

Two modern electronic devices are placed parallel on a black hexagon-patterned surface. Each device emits light - one with a pinkish-purple glow and the other with an orange glow. The devices feature small screens and various buttons and controls.

A person wearing gloves is handling an "INFINIBAR Tripod" with a glowing bar. The background is dark, and the text on the left reads: "INFINIBAR Tripod www.aputure.com/products/infinibar." The Aputure logo appears at the bottom right.

The color-tunable light sticks have a multi-pixel control and a flat-bar design that allows them to be connected seamlessly, allowing for what the company calls “more camera-ready” lighting than any other option on the market.

A tilting mount for a light bar is attached to a wooden panel. The text "INFINIBAR Tilting Mount" and a website link "www.aputure.com/products/infinibar" are displayed above the mount. The light bar emits a soft orange glow. The Aputure logo is in the upper-right corner.

A sleek Aputure INFINIBAR Battery Station is positioned on a surface with a colorful, blurred light strip in the background. The text "INFINIBAR Battery Station" and a URL for more information are displayed on the right.

In addition to the accessories listed above, the new light kits will include a set of 1/4-20in collapsable tripod bases for standing the lights up without the need for additional rigs, the 24V V-mount battery solution that can output up to 200W of DC power, tilting mounts capable of tilting up to 90 degrees while attached to walls or other surfaces, the 330W power adapter kit, and passive connectors that can connect multiple Infinibar lights in several different patterns to let creatives build shapes faster and easier than before with 3-way, 4-way, and 6-way flat variations, including short 5.5mm DC jumper cables allowing users to control how the power is distributed throughout the arrays.

For users with large lighting setups, the company has also launched an online Infinibar Power Wizard to help determine how much power is needed for their specific configurations.

Aputure Refreshes Popular LS 600c Pro Light

Aputure has also released an update to one of the company’s most popular workhorses, the $2,490 Light Storm 600c Pro II, which adds IP54 Weather Protection and nearly doubles the brightness.

A black Aputure 600C Pro II light is drenched with water splashes against a dark background. The text on the left side reads "Aputure 600C Pro II, IP54 Weather-Resistant." The Aputure logo is visible at the bottom right corner.

According to the company, the updated light has been significantly improved to be nearly 85 percent brighter, with higher flicker-free performance, smoother dimming, dust and weather protection, and better work in extreme environments.

“Our customers trust Aputure to light their sets with power and reliability, and the Light Storm lineup is a staple for so many productions. Increased brightness–up to 85% when used with our F10 fresnel lens–and IP54 weather resistance in the LS 600c Pro II will make a crucial difference, especially on the most rigorous and demanding projects,” says Ted Sim, Aputure co-founder and President. “Users have been asking for it. It is our job to deliver.”

A professional lighting unit, Aputure 600C Pro II, shines a bright blue beam in a dark setting. The text reads "Aputure 600C Pro II - The Standard Just Got Brighter." The unit is mounted on a stand with visible branding and control buttons.

The complete line up of new lights and accessories for the LS 600C Pro II and Infinibar systems can be found on Aputure’s website.

Image credits: Aputure