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Ep. 13: Is it Time for Adobe to Rewrite Lightroom? – and more


Episode 13 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Photographer Andrea Joki of Ajaton Joki

In This Episode

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Photographer Andrea Joki of Ajaton Joki Photography opens the show.

Adobe announces that it’s going to restore the previous import experience with the next “dot release”. (#)

Sigma announces its 20mm f/1.4 Art for Canon, Nikon and Sigma cameras. (#)

Polarr Photo Editor 3 has launched for Web, Chrome and Windows 10. (#)

A $2 find at a junk shop turns out to be a $5,000,000 photo of outlaw Billy the Kid. (#)

A boudoir photographer posts a letter from the husband of a client which goes viral. (#)

Zeiss announces the pricey Otus 28mm f/1.4 for Canon and Nikon. (#)

Memory card maker SanDisk appears to be looking to be bought out. (#)

Is Digital Rights Management (DRM) coming to the ubiquitous JPG format? (#)

The FAA warns photographers about traveling with Lithium batteries on airplanes. (#)

A couple takes to Craigslist touting its Instagram following and looks for free wedding photography and more. (#)

500px changes its logo after six years and explains why.  (#)

Speaking of 500px…some users are not too happy with their images being available in China. (#)

Sony announces the RX1R II with a hefty price tag, but packed with cool features. (#)

A NYPD officer is found guilty of one felony count due to his interaction with a photojournalist.  (#)

A rifle is developed to bring down drones in a more safe manner. (#)

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