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Ep. 1: Sony a7S II, Hollywood Drone Arrest, Epson’s Printer Ink Waste – and more


Episode 1 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast.
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Featured: Photographer Paul Gero, Sony Artisan of Imagery

In this episode:

Photographer Paul Gero, Sony Artisan of Imagery, opens the show.  Thanks Paul!

I, Mike “Sharky” James, introduce myself and discuss the origins of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast. To check out where it all began with my old podcast, visit LensShark.com.

The Sony a7S II is unveiled, I weigh in with my thoughts on this new low-light monster, and we check in with Sony Artisan of Imagery Paul F. Gero (Paul’s blog: PaulFGeroBlog.com) to get his thoughts as well.

Seattle-based Bellevue Fine Art discovers just how much ink is being wasted in their Epson printers. (#)

Listener Kyle in San Francisco, California thinks the resolution race is out of control and wants to know what I think about Canon developing cameras with up to 250 megapixels.

A drone operator in Los Angeles, California is arrested after flying his drone within 50 feet of a LAPD helicopter. (#)

California Governor Jerry Brown vetoes a bill which would’ve made it illegal to fly less than 350 feet over private property. (#)

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