Wanted: Wedding Photography in Exchange for Free Instagram Publicity


Instagram has over 400 million active users now, and top photographers on the service can make thousands of dollars per photo by promoting products. With the value of Instagram followers increasing, it seems that some people are now trying to use their follower counts to get free photography.

A young couple in Chicago posted an ad this week that was aimed at photographers (and other vendors) who would be willing to offer their photography (and other services) in exchange for free publicity… through an Instagram account with 17,600 followers.

The listing was spotted by photographer Kate Hailey and published by SLR Lounge. Here’s a screenshot (click to enlarge):


Large publicized events often have event sponsors that provide everything from food and drink to music and photography, all in exchange for publicity. This bride and groom is trying to apply the same idea to their wedding.

“In exchange for your service, I am offering you free publicity,” one of them writes. “Though I do not work in a marketing industry, I have a very large social media following count of 17.6K on Instagram.”

The couple also promises to add your wedding photography website to their wedding website for each of the 300 to 400 guests to view.

A day later, someone posted a scathing response post directed at the couple on behalf of wedding vendors (click to enlarge):


“It is highly offensive to think, much less ask, for people to provide you with goods and services for free,” the person writes. “Do you actually think you are special or any different than any other couple because you have followers on Instagram?”

“Your wedding is NOT a marketing opportunity. Sorry not sorry to burst your ridiculous bubble.”

The original listing has since been deleted after it was flagged by other Craigslist users.

Image credits: Header illustration based on photo by lindsey child