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Pricing & Release Date for Sigma’s Foveon-Toting DP2 Quattro Camera Announced



Sigma has announced the pricing and release date of the first of the three unique DP Quattro cameras announced earlier this year: the 30mm lens-toting DP2.

While the form factor of the camera is the first thing people noticed about the Quattro line when it was introduced, it’s what’s in these shooters that sets them apart from the competition — they sport the latest sensor technology from Sigma, the new Foveon X3 Quattro Direct Image Sensor.


As we covered in detail when the cameras were first announced, this unique sensor makes use of three separate layers that capture red, green, and blue ultimately adding up to a whopping 39-megapixel equivalent spread across the entire 23.5×15.7mm sensor.

At that rate, the resolving power of the Quattro cameras may very well go above and beyond even the highest of resolution cameras out on the market right now, but of course, that’s a hotly debated question.

So, how much are you going to pay for the first of these oddly-shaped beasts? According to Sigma, the DP2 will hit stores in the United States in early August at a street price of $1000.