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Path Launches iPhone Photo Sharing for People You Actually Know

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With the ongoing craze in photo sharing services on mobile devices, it’s not surprising to see new photo apps launching left and right. Stealthy startup Path is a bit different though, with their high powered team launching an unusual sharing service service a couple days ago.

First off, the company was started by two guys that probably know what they’re doing business-wise. Dave Morin was previously Senior Platform Manager at Facebook, and Shawn Fanning founded Napster back in 1998. What’s causing a lot of discussion, however, is the approach they’re taking towards photo sharing. Rather than offer traditional social networking and easy sharing across other services like most photo sharing apps, Path focuses on private sharing with family and friends. The service allows you to share private photos with up to 50 people, tagging them with a little context (people, places, or things), but strangely decides to eschew the features that have caused other apps to go viral, including commenting, liking, and filters.

Here’s a little video that presents Path in a cutesy way:

You can also find out more about their vision for the service by reading this post on the company blog.

1 Comment