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Tumblr Launches a Standalone iOS Photo Sharing App Called Photoset


Tumblr jumped into the mobile photo sharing game today by releasing Photoset, a new photo sharing app for the iPhone and the iPad. The app is stupidly simple and is focused on doing one thing well: sharing groups of photos with others.

Using the app, you can select photographs from your Camera Roll (or snap new ones) and group them into “sets”, which you can add useful information to: things like caption, location, and date.

The interface is based on dragging and dropping. Simply drag a photo to where you’d like it to be, and the app automatically adjusts the sizes and positions of the photos in the set to reflect what you want.

Once your set is ready to launch, the app helps you publish it online at a unique URL that you can then distribute online or directly to friends and loved ones. There’s no login or signup required in order to build and share sets.

Here’s what a Photoset looks like according to the app’s website:

To start telling your stories through Photosets, head on over to the iTunes App Store to download the app. It’s free!

Photoset (via TechCrunch)