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Tutorial Explains How to Sharpen Images Contextually

When it comes to sharpening an image, more than likely, your technique involves using a certain method over the entire image all at once. However, that’s rarely the best way to do it, because how much and where to sharpen varies quite a bit depending on what you’re shooting.

Fortunately for us, Photoshop wiz Michael Woloszynowicz is back again with another useful technique that will help you improve your sharpening skills and account for things like texture and edges. Read more…

Breaking Down How Tilt-Shift Works and How To Use It for Focus Control

From Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens comes an educational and behind the scenes video out of Yanks Air Museum in Chino, California. Throughout the video, Morgan gives insight into the process of using a tilt-shift lens and shares some nice background information on how a tilt-shift lens actually works. Read more…

Tutorial Shows You How to Capture Quality Night Sky Time-Lapses

Five months after releasing his first tutorial video on shooting and processing time-lapse photography, Dustin Farrell is back at it again. This time he’s gone more in depth, featuring some behind the scenes of his nighttime time-lapse workflow, from the gear he uses (and suggests) to the actual creation process of the video. Read more…

DIY Tutorial: A Cheap Way to Motorize Your Slider and Add Motion to Your Time-Lapses

If you’re looking for a comparatively cheap DIY option for adding a variable speed motor to a standard slider (most often used to shoot those cool motion time-lapses), this tutorial is perfect for you. Read more…

Tutorial Shows You How to Quickly Create Beautiful Time Stack Composites

In November of 2012, we posted an article featuring impressionist-inspired photographs by photographer Matt Molloy that were created using a method called time stacking. The resulting images are quite beautiful, and in the tutorial above Molloy will run you through how to create them for yourself. Read more…

external “What Can Photographers Learn from the Classic Rules of Composition?” —Light Stalking

Subject matter notwithstanding, the hallmark of memorable photos is thoughtful composition. But if talking about the elements of photography in terms of “good” and “bad” belies the subjectivity of the art form, how then do we in fact determine what is … good or bad?

Let’s just altogether avoid the impending infinite loop. Instead, we can look to some of the classic guidelines of composition to learn what works and why and, thus, become better equipped to do what truly creative people do: break the rules.

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external “Retro pictures: how to age photos to recreate wonderful analogue effects” —Digital Camera World

Retro effects are very much in vogue at the moment. It seems that, with modern cameras offering us crystal-clear picture quality, the appeal of analogue imperfections have gone through the roof. Those little errors can make retro pictures seem so much more individual.

There are lots of ways to age photos in Photoshop, and while it’ll take a little longer than instant smartphone apps, the results of your retro pictures will be far more unique.

In this retro pictures tutorial we’ll show you how to rough up a brand new image by adding a grubby border and dirty texture.

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A Thorough Video Guide to Using a GoPro with a Quadcopter

Back at the GoPro goodies again is none other than Mitch Bergsma, most recently featured on PetaPixel for his tip on how to stabilize hand-held GoPro footage using your face. This time though, the tutorial attempts to help those interested in using a DJI Phantom with their GoPro attached to it. Read more…

Joey L Launches New Educational Website Packed with In-Depth BTS Tutorials

Online resources for learning about photography are anything but lacking. But every so often a new one comes around that changes things up a bit — usually because it’s created by a well-known, respected pro.

Last week we told you about Zack Arias’ new site DEDPXL, and this week we have yet another educational resource to share. Joey Lawrence (affectionately known as Joey L), one of my personal favorite photographers, has put out his own aptly titled resource: Learn From Joey L. Read more…

Tutorial: How to Easily Replicate a Photo’s ‘Look’ Using Curves

It’s happened to all of us: we’re browsing through someone’s portfolio or even just through Flickr or 500px and we come across a photograph or series of photographs with a ‘look’ we absolutely love.

From there, we usually dive into our own photo archives and try to replicate that style/look, but rarely does it come out anywhere near as professional looking as the original photo. Thankfully this 2012 tutorial by London-based journalist and designer Ben Secret can help you apply just about any photo’s look to another. Read more…