Joe Lenton

Guides Writer

Joe Lenton is an Ambassador and Qualified Judge & Mentor with The
Societies of Photographers. He has won over 80 international awards for
his photography and had his images published and exhibited around the
world. Joe is an Accredited Photographer with the AOP. He is a freelance
advertising photographer specializing in product photography &
architectural photography.

Articles by Joe Lenton

How to Overcome a Creative Block

There are times as a photographer when you can feel like you’re running out of ideas. You’ve tried a variety of things but now you’re experiencing some kind of creative block and you feel frustrated.

Producing the Perfect Print: A Guide for Photographers

Producing a decent print is not as easy as you might think. You might get lucky and get a great result the first time. But, more likely, when you start printing your work, you’ll find it might not look as good as you’d hoped. Don’t give up. With a bit of practice and a better understanding of the process, you can quickly improve your printing.

Why to Use Tilt Shift Lenses for Product Photography

Many people think of tilt shift lenses as something only used by specialist architectural photographers. Some actually don’t realize that they can do more than the tilt shift miniature effect emulated by the Photoshop filter (although it can give some fun results!)