First Photos and Rumored Specs Leak for Sony’s Mysterious PureView Competitor


It’s been almost two months since we mentioned Sony’s mysterious camera-focused smartphone code-named “honami.” Thought to be a PureView and UltraPixel competitor, it’s expected to add another powerful camera to the smartphone market, but so far Sony has kept a pretty tight seal on any potential leaks.

Today that changed, when Xperiablog and Mirrorless Rumors released the first leaked product shots and a set of exciting unconfirmed specs for the phone, respectively. Unfortunately, the photos only show the front of the phone and make no reference to the camera, but Mirrorless Rumors was more than glad to fill in some blanks for us.


According to one of their sources, the new phone (which will actually be called the Sony i1) will be on par with Sony’s CyberShot line of compacts. Inside you’ll find a 20-megapixel 2/3″ BSI Exmor R sensor running some of the same tech as the RX100MII, adjustable ISO ranging from 50-12,800, 2-3 stops of Super Steady Shot image stabilization, a 28mm equivalent f/2.0 lens, and some form of manual shutter and aperture control.

The tech overlap between the RX100MII and the phone is said to provide exceptional low-light performance, and the ability to play around with shutter speed, aperture and ISO is exciting, as few phones feature this ability natively.

It doesn’t offer the Galaxy S4 Zoom’s 10x optical zoom ability or the PureView 808’s crazy megapixel count, but it may be yet another phone that will make it that much more difficult for the point-and-shoot market to stay afloat.

(via Mirrorless Rumors)

  • Tim

    PureView’s 40-odd MPel might be `crazy’ but 20MPel is about 2-3MPel more than my GH2 has now!

  • Michael D

    I’m fine with a phone with no zoom, if having a zoom means it won’t fit in my pocket, like the new Samsung. Heck, give me 42Mp and a lens like the Nokia has, and I won’t mind a digital zoom.

    Amazing things are happening. I wonder how long before a camera like this will sync with my studio strobes. For me, that would be huge.

  • David Liang

    I was really hoping Sony would put a 12-16mp sensor on there, to really enhance the low light and maintain the DR. But thinking more about it I understand they probably did the 20mp, as a compromise for the 28mm lens, to be able to crop into a shot with ideally some good detail.
    My other hope is that this thing can save RAW files, since it’s got an expandable microSD slot that would make this a serious PS competitor.
    Not sure if this is a winner but I’m definitely interested.

  • Someone

    40 Mpixel sensor? We better read tge specs of that sensor, its NOT a 42 Mpixel sensor

  • Genkakuzai

    This looks like the smartphone camera I’ve been waiting for… and I was honestly expecting Sony to be the ones doing it. They’re got all the tools, both in sensor and cellphone technology. Really really looking forward to hear more about this. Considering how amazing the RX100 is, it’s great news hearing this one uses similar tech, albeit with a smaller sensor.

  • Genkakuzai

    That claim is no longer true though, that a lower megapixel count equals better low light performance. Given the same sensor size and generation of technology, higher megapixel count is an advantage, rather than a disadvantage. Obviously sensor size remains the key factor, and if it’s tiny, no amount of megapixels in the world is gonna save you ^^

  • Vitaly Falco

    Why they don’t make a camera in a phone as in Sony cyber-shot TX30?