Pentax Announces Its Own Retro-Styled Camera, the MX-1


More and more camera companies are giving their products vintage camera-inspired designs these days, and Pentax wants to join in on the fun. The company announced its own retro-styled camera earlier today called the MX-1.

It’s a fixed lens compact camera that features a sleek metal body, a fast lens, and a 12-megapixel sensor.


The lens on the front of the camera is a fast f/1.8-2.5 lens that offers the 35mm equivalent of a 28-112mm range — a 4x optical zoom. The body features a built-in dual shake-reduction system for sharper shots when handholding the camera.

Inside the camera is a 1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor, which is a size used in many Canon PowerShot and Nikon Coolpix cameras. It has a maximum sensitivity of ISO 12800.


If you find yourself in a situation in which that high ISO isn’t enough for sharp shots, you can utilize the new Handheld Night mode, which captures a number of photographs with a press of the shutter and then combines them into a single sharper composite photo.


In terms of construction and design, the camera features a textured grip in its midsection and brass plates for its top and bottom.

On the back of the camera is a large 3-inch high-definition LCD that features 921K dots and the ability to swivel for viewing at different angles.


Other features include RAW mode (and in-camera development), HD video recording (1080p/30 in H.264), slow-motion capture, time-lapse playback, a dedicated exposure compensation dial, a mode dial for selecting between 10 different modes, 15 digital effect filters, a pop-up flash, and aspect ratio selection.

You’ll be able to pick up an MX-1 for $500 when it hits store shelves in February 2013.

  • beautox


  • nab111

    Wake up, wake up!!!!! Have you heard the news?!?! Pentax have just released a retro looking camera!!

  • Ken Akiva Shapero

    Why such a small sensor, 1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor, in an otherwise interesting unit?

  • papertowels

    leica x2 copy?

  • Fujigsw690

    Pentax is underrated, honestly. And knowing Pentax, this camera might just have some tricks up its sleeves. Good luck to Pentax.

  • junyo

    The good news is, Pentax has discovered articulated screens. The bad news is, Pentax has not discovered EVFs, dual control wheels, or a coherent product strategy.

    And I say that as some one with 20 years of owning Pentax SLRs.

  • Duke Shin


  • Cameron

    Why no hotshoe? There’s definitely the space for one.

  • Ivan

    Olympus XZ-2 hardware. Most importantly, same sensor, same lens. To see what MX-1 would deliver in terms of image quality, just check Olympus XZ-2. There are some physical tweaks compared to XZ-2, like no secondary control wheel, removed hot shoe, but exposure compensation dial has been added, which is a good thing.

    However, at $500 and announced Fujifilm X20 at $600 I think it will be hard not to pick Fujifilm over Pentax: image quality of is XZ-2 is great so it will be MX-1, but I am expecting Fujifilm new X-Trans sensor in X20 to be an excellent performer as well and better than already solid X10, and paying $100 more for better ergonomics, larger sensor, optical viewfinder, hot shoe, mechanical zoom, mechanical cable release thread, filter thread, and IMO better looks (X20 in silver looks like a jewel!). I am looking for an advanced carry everywhere small camera, and despite being a Pentax DSLR user I’d likely go with Fujifilm X20 in that class.

  • sayithere

    as a photographer, my main concern is sensor quality and lens quality. I don’t care how small or how big the sensor is. as long as it produces very nice image, I’ll give applause. this is 21st century. everything magical can happen with the advance technology we mankind has achieved today. why bother the sensor size? if someone can produces small sensor with spectacular image quality then why not?

  • Jason

    If the AF is anything like the rest of their cameras, I pass. IMO, Pentax, along with Olympus and Panasonic, have dropped the ball by not putting in at least a 1 inch sensor into these cameras to compete with the RX100. Retro is fine, but IQ is what matters most and when you see a good, clear shot, you dont care if the camera it came from is retro or modern in design.

  • Jason

    but has anyone yet? Compare a 1 inch to a 1/1.7 sensor and the results speak for themselves. If sensor size didn’t matter, then the DSLR market would be gone as of yesterday.

  • tttulio

    Another retro camera with 2 useless wheels at the top. Real retro shooters just one ONE wheel, the shutter speed.

  • G

    They’ve missed the core of the retro camera here. It’s not just about aesthetics, it’s about giving the shooter proper manual controls and a viewfinder as well (retro shooting). This is all form, and not much function.

  • Franklin Weise

    The front reminds me of some cameras from the 80’s – the ones that didn’t deserve a reissue. Retro-styling isn’t always good styling.

  • Pedro

    Totally agree with you, in the last pic we can see the perfect space for it.

  • Leonardo Abreu

    No viewfinder.

  • Nitr0xx

    $100 more buys you a Sony SLT 57. No thx

  • cndian

    As an owner of a Pentax MX this makes me cringe a bit.

  • Jacqui Dee

    I think they’re aiming for high end compact rather than mirrorless market (judging by sensor size), but hopefully this is a sign of what’s to come with any new mirrorless they produce.

  • Jacqui Dee

    You don’t get a viewfinder in a $500 camera.