This Rally Car Crash Was Captured by a 360-Degree Camera

Daniel M-W of Gloucester, England, was at the Wyedean Rally this past weekend when one of the rally cars crashed right in front of him. His Ricoh Theta V 4K spherical VR camera was recording, so he captured the whole incident as a 360-degree interactive video.

This Useful Map Reveals Photography ‘Hotspots’ Around the World

Landscape photographer and travel addict Mike Wong has created a super useful tool for fellow photographers who want some help location scouting. It's called "PhotoSpots," and it's an interactive "heatmap" that reveals photography hotspots around the globe and even pulls sample photos from those locations.

VLC Media Player Can Now Do 360-Degree Photos and Videos

VLC's free and open source media player is a popular option for people who want a lightweight program that can handle pretty much any video format on any platform. The project just took another big leap in compatibility: it can now play back 360-degree photos and videos.

Photos of People’s Heads in Miniature Models of Famous Galleries

"Put Your Head Into Gallery," is an unusual interactive art project by Tbilisi, Georgia-based artist Tezi Gabunia. After creating realistic small-scale models of famous rooms in art galleries, Gabunia and his collaborators put them on display and invited visitors to his exhibition to pose with their heads inside the tiny spaces. The resulting photos show giant heads peering into well-known art galleries.

Facebook is Bringing Interactive 360° Photos to Your News Feed

Your panoramas, photo spheres, and 360° photos will soon feel much more comfortable on Facebook's news feed. The social network announced earlier today that it will let you upload and view 360-degree photos on Facebook for mobile and Web in the next few weeks.

This Interactive Exposure Tool Helps You Understand the Exposure Triangle

Understanding the exposure triangle of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO is one of the first steps in learning photography. To help people wrap their heads around the concept, photographer Tony Catalano has created the Interactive Exposure Tool, an online tool for experimenting with how changing camera settings affects the resulting photo of a scene.

Facebook Introduces 360-Degree Interactive Videos

Earlier this year, YouTube opened up its service to 360-degree interactive videos that you can "look around" in while watching, whether by swiping with your finger or by swinging your phone around in space. This week, Facebook also joined in on the fun by announcing that virtual reality videos are now supported in News Feeds.

Camera Instructor Offers Free and Interactive Online Photo Courses

If you're looking to learn to program, there are free interactive online courses such as Codecademy and CodeSchool you can use. Programmer and photographer Cody Meyer wanted to give the photography world a similar kind of resource, so he created Camera Instructor. It's a new web-based photography school that aims to teach photography skills for free through interactive videos and exercises.