Bentley’s New 57.7 Gigapixel Ad is the World’s Highest Res Landscape Photo

Bentley has captured what they’re calling “the world’s most detailed landscape photo”: a 57.7 gigapixel interactive ad stitched together from 1,825 individual frames captured from atop one of the tallest towers in Dubai.

This isn’t the first time Bentley has experimented with NASA technology and gigapixel photography. Their first interactive ad, captured in San Francisco, featured a 53-gigapixel photo that let you zoom all the way in to the stitching on a car seat that was driving across the Golden Gate Bridge.

But as impressive as that photo was, they really outdid themselves on this one. From an image of the whole Dubai Marina:

You can zoom into this little section:

And then keep on going until you’ve reached the hood decal of the new Bentley Flying Spur W12 S:

At its closest, all you can see is the decal:

According to the Daily Mail, the image was incredibly difficult to capture. The NASA-derived gigapixel camera system was suspended 264 metres (~866 feet) up the Cayan Tower, where it had to contend with “40-degree heat that created a haze and 25 km/h winds that threatened to disrupt stability.”

All of the source images took 48 hours to capture, and downloading the final stitched photograph took 18 hours.

The gimmick seems to have worked. No only are car lovers enjoying the ad, camera geeks are having a field day exploring the Dubai marina as well. To see the full, interactive ad for yourself, head over to the Bentley website by clicking here.

Hint: make sure you press the three lines in the top right and select “Explore the Image” to browse the full photo, not just zoom in on the Bentley.