WeirdBox Uses Your Instagram Photos in a Funny (and Creepy) Short Film

Here’s something that may make you laugh out loud… or feel creeped out. is a new interactive video website that takes your personal Instagram photos and uses them for a humorous short film.

Ever wanted to break up a couple? Well, watch this relationship spin into turmoil after a box of your Instagram photos is found in the closet. Check it out for yourself through the link above — all you have to do is provide an Instagram username.

“Dave, what is this box?” the woman in the film says in alarm.

“Don’t open it!” says Dave. And then the story starts to spin further and further.

With some excellent acting and great automatic compositing work, a random selection of your Instagram photos will star in this film.

“Honey, I think I need to call your parents,” the argument continues.

Again, head over to if you’d like to try this creative video out with your own photos. The film was written and directed by Noah Levenson.

(via via Fast Company)