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This Online Interactive Guide Will Help Bring You Up to Speed on Photo Editing Terms



If you’re just starting out in post-processing digital photos, you may feel overwhelmed with all the different terms and concepts involved in tweaking your shots. To help make things easier to understand, the browser-based photo editing service Polarr has created a helpful interactive website that explains common jargon with interactive demos.

The left side of the guide is an index of terms: things like temperature, tint, exposure, clarity, vibrance, highlights, curves, vignette, and more.

Click each term, and the panel on the right side will load that particular interactive explanation. Simple sliding animations help you to see what changing that particular aspect of each photo will do to it. Here are some screenshots showing a handful of the pages:





Head on over to the guide to get started in learning basic post-processing terms. It may not make you an “expert” like Polarr claims, but you’ll at least have a basic grasp of these fundamental concepts.

Newbie to Expert Photo Editing in 5 Minutes [Polarr via Lifehacker]