Photoskop Helps You Learn Photography for Free via Interactive Online Lessons


Want to learn the basics of photography for free from the comfort of your own home? There are many ways to do so these days, but a new one you might want to check out is Photoskop.

It’s a newly launched free-to-use website that helps people explore and learn about the world of photography through visual and interactive modules.


There are a number of interactive products available already, and many more are planned and on the way.


You’ll need Adobe Flash installed to use the site. Click through on any module and you’ll be presented with different sample photos, tools, and objectives, along with an on-screen guide to help you along.

Here’s a lesson that uses a photo of color blocks to teach the concepts of aperture, exposure, and depth of field:


Another teaches aperture and exposure in the context of a studio portrait shoot:


This one‘s a lesson on shutter speed:


In addition to consuming the educational content as a photographer, the project is collaborative as well. Anyone can contribute lessons to the project, and Photoskop aims to expand its breadth and improve its quality with the help of photographers around the world.

“Right now our aim is to share the news about the project, receive feedback and invite people to contribute,” Photoskop creator Alex R. tells PetaPixel. Head over to the Photoskop website if you’d like to check it out and/or jump right in.