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This LEGO Instax Camera is 90 Years Old


Albertino of Instax Magic created a unique camera that blends the old and the new. Half of it is made of LEGO, and half is a 90-year-old Zeiss-Ikon Trona folding plate camera.

The Trona was originally purchased from a camera collector in extremely worn but functioning condition. Albertino could immediately tell the camera had been well used in its former life.

“Holding such an antique to shoot in the street is an interesting experience,” Albertino writes. “The images always have a vintage feel, perhaps due to the color saturation and the contrast of the picture. It never needs an Instagram filter to achieve that.”

This old camera was paired with a LEGO back that features a motorized system for processing instant film. It takes Fuji Instax Mini packs for 10 instant film exposures, and new packs can be swapped in easily while out shooting.

“I think photographers in the past who used this camera would normally bring at most three sheets of films for a day of shooting,” says Albertino. “With the modern instant film, I can bring several packs of film with ten pieces each to shoot. It certainly makes the process more convenient for the busy modern day shooters as well as saving the cost of developing the films.”

Here are some examples of photos captured using this LEGO ancient camera:

You can find more of Albertino’s vintage camera projects over at Instax Magic.

(via Instax Magic via JCH)