Rezivot Instant Film Processor: Shoot Instax with Your Film Camera

The Rezivot Instant Film Processor is a new camera add-on that lets you shoot Instax instant photos with vintage medium-format and large-format cameras.

“Our units can be mounted on those cameras originally designed to swap their own film holder on the back, by simply attaching the mount plate from an old Polaroid/Fujifilm instant packfilm holder to our processor,” Rezivot says. “It’s ready to use on your camera. No further modification or adjusting to your camera is needed.”

Cameras known to be compatible with the Rezivot include the Hasselblad 500/200/2000 series, Mamiya Universal, Mamiya RB67, Polaroid 600SE, and 4×5 view cameras.

“Based on our design, most 120 film cameras that have Polaroid packfilm backs will be able to use Instax wide film,” the company says. “Currently, we don’t have the resources to confirm all the cameras, but we will keep working on it.”

The Rezivot weighs 400g with two CR2 batteries inside. An OLED display shows the battery power and shots remaining, and a power switch on the unit helps prevent accidental activation when it’s not in use. There are two versions of the back: a Wide version that uses Fujifilm Instax Wide, and a Square version that’s loaded with Fujifilm Instax Square.

Here’s a short video introducing the Rezivot:

The Rezivot is being launched through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter that has an ambitious goal of raising $230,000. A pledge of $219 or more may earn you one of the first units (either Wide or Square) if or when the project is successfully funded and launched.