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Google Photos Ad Shows the Agony of Shooting with a 16GB iPhone


If you often take pictures with a “small-capacity” 16GB iPhone, one thing you may often experience is the dreaded popup that tells you you’ve run out of storage space. It’s particularly painful when the popup appears while you’re trying to capture a special moment. This 1-minute ad shows that Google feels your pain.

It’s a commercial for Google Photos that’s being aired during the Rio 2016 Olympics. We see a barrage of perfect photo (and video) opportunities ruined at just the wrong time:

Screenshot (1846)

Screenshot (1848)

Screenshot (1851)

Screenshot (1849)

What Google is advertising is the fact that its free Google Photos service offers free and unlimited backup of your life’s photos, allowing you to put storage space worries to rest — especially if you have a 16GB iPhone.

(via Google Photos via The Verge)