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Texas Deputy Struggles to Find Legitimate Reason Why Recording Him is Illegal


Shot back in April, the above video shows “Ex-Cop Law Student” Andrew Wake attempting to record a seemingly routine traffic stop when a Gray County Sherriff’s Deputy eventually shows up by his side.

After handing out his name and date of birth, the Deputy asks a few more questions to which Wake kindly refuses to answer per his rights. Confrontation over, good to go right? Not so much. Things get interesting after the traffic stop is over and Wake starts heading away from the scene.

Camera still wrapped around his wrist, recording, Wake is approached by yet another deputy. Referring to himself as Deputy Stokes, the officer tries every method he could possibly think of to convince Wake that what he was doing was illegal, and that he has the right to seize Wake’s camera gear. Deputy Stokes even goes so far as to say he will “make stuff up” in order to seize the gear.


Even after politely stating his rights and refusing to hand over his equipment, the video shows Deputy Stokes making two attempts to illegally grab the camera from Wake’s wrist. It’s around that time that a number of other officers show up and begin watching the situation unfold.

It carries on for a good 7–8 minutes before the officer eventually realizes at least a little of how in the wrong he is and sends Wake on his way.

The entire clip comes in just shy of 12 minutes, and makes for a wonderful example of how to properly approach these situations and state your rights without escalating it unnecessarily.

(via BoingBoing)