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$4 Billion Offer for Getty Images Was an Illegal ‘Pump and Dump’ Scheme

In April 2023, Getty rejected a $4 billion takeover bid from Massachusetts-based investment firm Trillium Capital, categorizing the acquisition attempt as insufficiently credible. Now, federal investigators describe the failed takeover as a "pump and dump" scheme and have charged Trillium and its CEO with securities fraud.

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Supreme Court Rules That Copyright Damages Have No Time Limit

The United States Supreme Court rejected a lower court's ruling that there is a three-year time limit to claim damages from copyright infringement. All claims, even those that occurred decades previously, are fair game as long as the lawsuit is filed within three years of discovery.

Porch pirates have a right to privacy

Canadian Police Say ‘Porch Pirates’ Have a Right to Privacy

Even alleged criminals, including those caught on camera, have presumed innocence and in Canada -- well, at least a right to privacy. Police in Quebec have warned residents against posting surveillance footage from home security cameras, like Ring doorbell cameras, on social media.

Adobe building

Adobe Faces Financial Penalties Due to an Ongoing FTC Investigation

It has been a busy week for Adobe, for good and bad reasons alike. In addition to recording record revenue, yet again, and being sued by a Dutch data watchdog for alleged illegal data collection, Adobe is also under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for its disclosure and subscription cancellation practices.

European Union AI Act

EU Negotiators Reach Agreement on World’s First AI Regulations

After lengthy negotiations, European Union officials have reached an agreement on the Artificial Intelligence Act, a set of comprehensive regulations surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) that could provide a blueprint for other nations and regions aiming to limit the dangers of AI.