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external “10 of the Most Common Photo Editing Mistakes” —DIY Photography

In light of my upcoming immersion in three days of Photoshop education, I thought I’d share my list of what I feel are the most common photo editing mistakes. These are intended only to educate and illustrate, not offend. I’m sure some people will disagree with some or all of these. Photo editing can be extremely subjective. So, in no particular order…

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external “Four Alternative Ways To Photograph Iconic Locations” —F Stop Lounge

You’ve seen them. Those places that everybody goes to because one just has to have a photograph of that location at a certain time of day… The real problem is that everybody goes there and a few million other photographers have taken that same image already and it’s very hard for yours to stand out from the crowd.

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Wedding Photography Tips: Ryan Brenizer on How to Shoot Engagement Sessions

Leave it to none other than award-winning wedding photographer Ryan Brenizer to create a wonderful breakdown on how best to approach engagement photography. In this eight and a half minute video created by B&H Photo, Brenizer does an incredible job of running through all of the critical aspects of planning for and going through with an engagement shoot. Read more…

external “On Manufactured Opportunities” —Strobist

Every day I try to spend as much time walking as my schedule will allow. Ideally, I just head off into the woods and shoot for at least ten miles a day. I don’t always hit that goal, but even on a bad day I’ll get most of it.

That’s because long walks invariably pay for the time they cost in many ways—health, mental well-being, increased fitness and—maybe most important—a steady stream of ideas.

Of those ideas, there is one type that constantly proves itself to be the most valuable to me as a photographer. And that is the concept of the manufactured opportunity.

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external “Zhang Jingna Walks Us Through a Commercial Photo Shoot, from Request to Postproduction” —Profoto Blog

Have you ever wondered how a commercial photo shoot is done? Well, wonder no more. Today, photographer Zhang Jingna will walk us through the entire process, from request to postproduction. Here is how it works, in Jingna’s own words.

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external “The Best Tools and Apps to Make the Most of Flickr” —Lifehacker

flickrtips“Flickr is a great tool to organize your photos and share them with the world. Plus, ever since Flickr got an overhaul and tons of free space, it’s a great place to back up your photos too. Still, it can be even better with a few useful tools from the user community. Here are some of the best.

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external “Lens Blog’s James Estrin’s Career Tips for Photojournalists” —PDN

James Estrin, founder and co-editor of Lens, the popular New York Times photography blog, talks about how to launch a successful career as a photojournalist.

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Tutorial: How to Create the Perfect Gradient Reflection for Product Photography

When it comes to taking product shots of glossy items, one of the most difficult aspects is getting the correct amount of diffusion when using softboxes. When the incorrect amount of diffusion is applied (or the right amount is applied incorrectly) this can lead to harsh reflections and minimal gradients, which isn’t usually the look you’re trying to achieve. Read more…

external “Simple and Effective Food Photography Techniques” —DIY Photography

This article shows a very simple yet effective food photography technique using only one or two lights. While simple, it is very effective and I still use this technique when shooting for clients today.

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Infographic: Tips and Ideas for Shooting the Perfect Family Portrait


Taking a family portrait is never an easy task. There’s often a small child involved, and parents who are trying to make sure said child is on their best behavior. Beyond that, as the group grows in size, the difficulty of organizing everybody and capturing a quality photo increases dramatically.

No worries though, help is on the way. Read more…