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external “Witness: Lynsey Addario on the Syrian Border” —PROOF

Photojournalist Lynsey Addario has covered conflict and humanitarian issues around the world, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Darfur, Congo, and South Sudan. A 2009 MacArthur Fellow, she is committed to documenting the issues that most affect women. She has twice been held captive while on assignment, both in Iraq in 2004 and Libya in 2011.

Addario traveled to five countries in 2013 to document the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis. Recently, she spoke to Proof about the dangers and difficulty of getting an elusive shot—photographing Syrians as they cross the border.

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Interview with Action Sports Photographer Gabe L’Heureux


Gabe L’Heureux isn’t just one of the busiest men in the business, take one look through his work and you’ll quickly realize he’s one of the best. His photos expertly showcase stunning forces of nature and athletes brave enough to endure them. Yet, despite the rugged qualities of his subject matter, his work tends to have an ethereal quality to it, lending a particular brand of beauty to the harsh environments he captures.

It’s this rare ability to capture the balance of violence and elegance that has earned Gabe jobs with the likes of Oakley, Target, ESPN and Red Bull, just to name a few. And this is all on top of his normal gig as senior photographer/team manager for Burton Snowboards.

We were recently lucky enough to catch up with Gabe during a brief break between trips to see how his year has started off. Read more…

Exclusive: Calumet Employee Reveals what Was Happening Behind the Scenes


Shortly after news broke this morning that camera store chain Calumet had declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy and would be closing all of its US stores (or will it?), a Calumet Rental Manager — well, former Rental Manager now — got in touch with us to see if we wanted to get some of the behind the scenes details of how the bankruptcy came to be.

We, of course, said yes. The employee has asked to remain anonymous, and so his/her answers are labeled simply as “Calumet Employee” below. Read more…

A Passion for Africa: Interview with Award-Winning Wildlife Photog Morkel Erasmus


Morkel Erasmus is an award-winning wildlife photographer based out of South Africa. He has an abiding passion for his country and its animals, which comes out in his beautiful photography that is perhaps best described as ‘intimate.’ You can find more of his work on his website, blog and 500px, or by following him on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

We recently sat down with Erasmus (digitally of course) to talk about his work and see if he had any words of wisdom to share with the wildlife photography fans who read PetaPixel. Read more…

external “Getty’s Craig Peters on Why Free Images Are Good for Photographers, And for the Photo Industry” —PDN

Following the announcement by Getty Images that the agency would be allowing non-commercial uses of its images free of charge, we interviewed Craig Peters, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Marketing at Content Images at Getty, to try and find out what the agency hopes to gain from this extraordinary decision…

We asked Peters how ad revenue will be shared, what this new business model means for the perceived value of images, and whether Getty is changing its position on enforcing copyrights on images.

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external “reFramed: In conversation with photographer William Albert Allard” —LA Times

The LA Times sits down with iconic National Geographic photographer William Albert Allard to talk about the five decades he has spent working for one of the foremost photography publications in the world.

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external “Covering the Russian Army in Crimea” —NY Times Lens Blog

Sergey Ponomarev, 33, is a freelance photographer covering the conflict in Ukraine on assignment for The New York Times. He grew up in Moscow and also in Ireland, where his father worked as a journalist for Itar-Tass. He previously worked for The Associated Press. He spoke to James Estrin from Crimea on Sunday evening Eastern time.

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external “CP+ 2014 Canon Interview: ‘We don’t see the smartphone as an enemy’” —DPReview

We speak to senior executives from the major manufacturers fairly regularly, but it isn’t always possible to report on exactly what is said behind closed doors.

Recently though, editor Barnaby Britton had the opportunity to interview senior figures at Canon Inc. on two occasions, in Japan. The first meetings were held in late 2013 at Canon’s headquarters in Tokyo, and a follow-up interview was arranged at the recent CP+ show in Yokohama.

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Mesmerizing Photos of Frozen Flowers by Mo Devlin


When you hear the term flower photography, it probably doesn’t inspire a particularly powerful reaction. There are plenty of gorgeous images of flowers — from wildflower fields to beautifully-lit bouquets — and so the genre isn’t somewhere we usually look for inspiration.

That is, until we ran across photographer Mo Devlin‘s stunning shots of frozen flowers. Read more…

Getting the Clients You Want: Advice from Adventure Photographer Alexandre Buisse


Commercial mountain photographer Alexandre Buisse is a natural adventurer. When it comes to rock climbing or going for his major dream client with a cold call, Alex is a brave soul with immense talent to match. His client roster includes Patagonia, Red Bull, Sports Illustrated, Outer Edge Magazine, and many more.

We talked with Alex about his experience cold emailing and calling, what he’s learned about negotiating licensing rights, and his key marketing strategies. He also lays out the three things a budding adventure photographer should do when looking to get work — including the importance of a work/fun balance. Read more…