This is How Advance-Fee Scams Trick Photographers

There is a persistent scam going around that is so pervasive that you might think everyone has heard about it and is immune to it. Yet, I often enough see this come up as a question in a Facebook group when a photographer is unsure if an inquiry is a scam. Most often they are. This is how these advance-fee scams work and how photographers are scammed.

How This Venmo Scammer Got Caught by the Photographers He Targeted

Scammers are increasingly using the payment service Venmo as a way to steal camera gear since Venmo doesn't allow sales and will cancel the transaction after you've already handed over your possessions to the scammer. But one Venmo scammer in NYC was just caught and identified by photographers after he stole a $3,800 DSLR camera.

Scammers Are Using Venmo to Steal Pricey Camera Gear

If you ever need to sell pricey camera equipment -- or anything else, for that matter -- stay away from buyers who want to pay you using the popular mobile payment service Venmo. A scammer in Los Angeles has reportedly bilked multiple people of up to $100,000 in camera gear in just two weeks.

Beware Craigslist Scammers Hunting for Gullible Wedding Photographers

If you're a photographer looking for a gig on Craigslist, be careful. As with virtually all the types of "help wanted" listings found on the site, requests for photography services are often used by scammers as a way of luring the naive. Scammers also regularly send out emails to photographers advertising their services.