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Video: See How Reuben Wu Shoots His SciFi, Drone-Lit Landscapes



Reuben Wu‘s science fiction-inspired, drone-lit landscape photos have exploded since we shared them last week, and now Reuben is showing off exactly how these eerie images were shot in a behind the scenes video.

The video was created in conjunction with Fiilex‚the lighting company that makes the LEDs he mounts on his drone to actually light these landscapes. In it, Reuben walks you though how he hikes out to these remote locations, sets up his 100MP PhaseOne XF, launches his 3DR Solo drone, and paints the landscape using the Fiilex AL250.

Check out the behind the scenes video (which Reuben has shared directly with us) below. The password is fiilex:

The result of all this work are images like these:




To see more of the series and find out more about Reuben, check out our original feature. And don’t forget to show him some love on Facebook and Instagram as well.

Image credits: Photographs by Reuben Wu and used with permission.