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Rumor: Canon to Debut 2 Multi-Layer Sensor Cameras in 2015, High MP Camera ‘Sooner Than Later’



‘See Impossible’ debacle and subsequent parody aside, recent rumors indicate Canon really is getting ready to innovate, or at the very least take some risks and release some interesting products.

The most recent rumblings from the rumor mill today indicate that not one, but two cameras with multi-layer sensors will arrive in 2015, and a high megapixel camera is definitely in the pipeline.

The rumor comes from the trusted folks at Canon Rumors, who claim a known source (the rumor is rated CR2) told them two multi-layer sensor cameras will arrive in 2015 — one to replace the 1D X, and another with a high MP count.


And on that high MP count note, this particular rumor gets an added boost today, as CR is reporting that one of Canon’s Explorers of Light was ‘promised’ a high MP camera “sooner than later.”

Some rumors indicate that the high MP camera could arrive as soon as PhotoPlus at the end of this month, but CR says to expect it in Q1 of 2015.