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external “My Best Piece of Advice for Photographers Who Want to Give Up” —SLR Lounge

I believe it’s the fear that made me push myself to continue. I am thankful that I did not fully give in or give up. My biggest piece of advice to you, a photographer that may be at the point of giving up:

If photography is your passion, chase after it with all your heart and soul, keep your blinders on and don’t let others bring you down…at least not for too long. And know that even if you have nothing, you can still make it into “something.”

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Radiant Light: Beautiful Light Paintings Try to Capture that Which Cannot Be Seen

Radiant Light - Exhibition

Inspired by that which we cannot see — such as the shapes of sound, the feelings we experience, the relationships of the various patterns in this world, and the energy constantly emitted by matter — photographer Patrick Rochon has created a beautiful series of light-painting photographs called Radiant Light. Read more…

From Bump to Buzz: Pregnancy Timelapse Turned Into a Creative Music Video

Talented singer-songwriter Tom Fletcher recently teamed up with his wife Giovanna to create an awesome time-lapse music video, taking advantage of the fact that she just happen to be growing a small human being. Read more…

Platon Tells the Story Behind His Portrait of Vladimir Putin

Back in 2007, world-renown visual storyteller Platon took on an assignment to capture a photograph of Russian president Vladimir Putin. In what would end up being one of the scariest assignments of his life (which is saying a lot given some of the stuff he’s covered), his portrait session for TIME‘s person of the year award involved just a few more guns and guards than most. Read more…

A Photographer in Detroit: The Story of Bill Rauhauser’s Photo Career in the Motor City

Rauhauser_Kresge File_1.jpg.CROP.original-original

Back when Detroit was known for its motors more than its money problems, a young engineer by the name of Bill Rauhauser got his first taste of street photography, a “hobby” that would soon become his lifelong career. Read more…

external “In Exile: Finding a Fresh Approach to Documenting Syrian Refugees Living in Jordan” —PDN

For the Syrians of 2011, their wounds are fresh, home is tangible; anxiously they speak of patience. The idea that perhaps soon all will be returned to normal, and they will go back to the lives they knew, hangs in the air like gunpowder.

“By the Olive Trees” is a fresh look at the ongoing Syrian Civil War by two photographers from the American West. Salt Lake City-based Michael Friberg and Denver-based Benjamin Rasmussen have little previous experience documenting conflict, but their editorial photography backgrounds helped them find a distinct approach to the subject matter.

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Hyperlapse Packs 14 Months Into 2 Minutes While Constantly Shifting Seasons

We’ve shared plenty of time-lapse videos before, and even some hyperlapse videos, but I don’t think we’ve ever shared anything quite like this. Created by Piotr Wancerz, this incredible hyperlapse video captures various locations in Cracow, Poland over the course of 14 months in a way that sets it apart from anything else we’ve run across. Read more…

Incredible Portraits of Ornate Fowl Found at Chicken Beauty Pageants


Singapore-based photographer Ernest Goh, known best for his incredible work with animals, has just recently put another book out. This time, he’s documenting the world of Chicken Beauty Pageants. Yes, Chicken Beauty Pageants. They exist… I guess.

Titled Cocks: The Chicken Book (you have no idea how difficult it is not to make jokes at this point…) this collection of work explores the beauty of some of the most debonaire fowl you have ever seen. Read more…

external “Hollywood Talent, In the Raw: Imperfect portraits of Hollywood’s most beautiful” —American Photo Magazine

Head to any well-stocked magazine stand, flip through an assortment of monthly glossies, and you will see plenty of perfect imperfection. Among publications whose content isn’t exclusively driven by celebrity culture — the kind that pride themselves on being visually daring, maybe even a little “downtown” — a kind of showy anti-glamour is the dominant visual aesthetic.

You will see actresses with sun spots and visible pores, superstars with scars and unruly eyebrows: Jessica Chastain, lined and freckled, shot by Peter Lindbergh for Interview; Lucas Michael portraits of a ruddy-faced, sweat-drenched Liev Schreiber in New York.

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Great-Grandma Betty Inspires Instagram as She Battles a Terminal Cancer Diagnosis

Zach Belden’s 80-year-old great-grandmother Betty was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. Knowing that she would have to endure unimaginable hardship, both physical and emotional, Belden came up with an idea that would help keep her spirits high and make the remainder of her time on this planet as joyous as possible.

His solution turned out to be Instagram. Read more…