Skate Photo Takes Home $10K Prize in Concrete Photography Competition

Overall winner and winner of the Urban Concrete professional category — Skateboarder, Sharjah, UAE | Ferdz Bedana

A photo of a skateboarder has won a concrete photography competition with the photographer receiving a $10,000 cash prize.

The Concrete of Life 2022 photo competition aims to highlight the essential role that concrete plays around the world.

Over 14,000 photos were submitted by both amateur and professional photographers into the competition that is organized by the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA).

Winner of the Urban Concrete amateur category — Metro Station, Dubai | Joey S. Reginaldo
Winner of the Concrete Infrastructure professional category — Interchange, Guangzhou, China | Chek Poh Wong
Winner of the Concrete Infrastructure amateur category — Indonesia | Dinar Wahyu Herlambang

The winning photo was taken by Ferdz Bedana at a skatepark in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Bedana took a series of stunning pictures at a conceptual skate ramp in the Gulf State.

There were eight other category winners who each received a prize of $2,500 in cash. They include images of a waterfall and a roller-skater race, both taken in Indonesia, a stunning city interchange in China, rice mills in Bangladesh, a university building in Mexico, a metro station in Dubai, and a mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.

Winner of the Concrete in Daily Life professional category — Bangladesh | Azim Khan Ronnie
Winner of the Concrete in Daily Life amateur category— Roller race, Indonesia | Muhana Syafiquddary

“It’s a great honor to be the overall winner of the Concrete in Life 2022 competition and spread the story of how concrete is a big contribution in our life,” says overall winner Ferdz Bedana.

“I was interested to take a photo of this skatepark when I saw a boy enjoying playing in a substantially artistic concrete design.”

Winner of the Concrete Beauty and Design professional category — The Boy, Istanbul | Fatma Demir
Winner of the Concrete Beauty and Design amateur category — Contemplation, Mexico | Mariana Rios

“Concrete is the second most used substance on Earth after water and plays a vital part in modern infrastructure and society,” says Thomas Guillot, GCCA Chief Executive.

“Through the work of the GCCA and our members, to implement our 2050 Net Zero Roadmap, we are working hard and making progress in reducing its environmental impact. These amazing photos capture the appeal of concrete design and the essential role it plays in modern life and communities everywhere.”

For details of next year’s competition head to the website.