A Breathtaking Motion Time-Lapse Tour of Norway

Five months of work, 10,000 miles travelled, several tens of thousands of photographs taken… all of that to create a measly 5 minutes worth of footage. And yet, we would argue it was worth every minute, mile and press of the shutter (or intervalometer, as it were).

Simply titled Norway, the time-lapse above was captured by Morten Rustad of Rustad Media, and it took almost a half-year to get all of the shots he was looking for. Read more…

#PictureBelfast Challenges You to Tell the Difference Between a Smartphone Filter and Analog Film

Online content studio Rubber Republic recently created something called #PictureBelfast, a photography-based viral campaign designed to showcase their city on behalf of Tourism Ireland.

But this isn’t just a set of pretty pictures — it’s an interactive challenge that wants to see if you can tell the difference between a film photograph, and a filtered wannabe taken with a smartphone. Read more…

external Michael Forsberg: Moving Slowly To Capture the Swift Fox —Nat Geo | PROOF

Photographer Michael Forsberg is a patient man. A very. Patient. Man.

This trait came in extremely useful during an assignment to photograph swift foxes in the Buffalo Gap National Grassland in western South Dakota…

This involved an extreme amount of lying and waiting in photo blinds—small camouflaged tents that he could barely sit up in. He would enter the tent before sunrise and stay there until the sun went down, sometimes even spending the night. And he very rarely shot photos.

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Photographer Creates a Digital Back for His Leica M4 Using a Canon Rebel Sensor


Want to shoot digital photos with a Leica rangefinder without having to buy an expensive digital Leica M? You can do so by creating a digital back for a film Leica M.

That’s what Eugene Zaikonnikov did over the course of a year, creating a digital back for his Leica M4 with the sensor from a Canon 350D DSLR.
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These Majestic Photographs of African Animals Were All Shot During Visits to Zoos

African souls: V

Photographer Manuela Kulpa has a portfolio full of gorgeous wildlife photographs. Unlike other wildlife photographers, however, she doesn’t have the opportunity to travel to the natural environments of the animals she wishes to photograph. Instead of shooting in the African safari, she visits zoos.

African Souls is a series by Kulpa that attempts to capture the soul and beauty of African wildlife.
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Little Planet Photos That Feature Rocket Launches, Air Shows, and Mars


Estonian photographer Andrew Bodrov of 360Pano has been shooting panoramic photographs for over a decade in countries around the world. His work even spans planets: last year he released an interactive panorama created using photos shot on Mars.

One of his interesting side projects is his Little Planets series, which features stereographic projections created using some pretty interesting source panoramas.
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external Steve’s Darkroom: Focusing On The Best Photos On The Web —Steve's Digicams

Steve’s Digicams has launched a new blog for featuring the popular photos circulating the Web, as well as interviews with different types of professional photographers.

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external Dialogue: Robert Frank And Nobuyoshi Araki Circa 1994 —Tokyo Camera Style

It is precisely in a place where rules and regulations exist that one learns the meaning of freedom. They’re just being self-indulgent because, no matter what kind of rules exist, the important thing is to be able to gain freedom.

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external Interview: Photographer Chris Guillebeau And “The Happiness Of Pursuit” —Chase Jarvis

I think it’s fair to say that people are thinking differently about their lives. They’re understanding that with all the opportunities available to us, we should put our limited time and energy to good use. We should strive! We should live with urgency!

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Video: Philippe Echaroux Builds a One Man Portrait Studio at Photokina

Philippe Echaroux — many of whose projects we’ve shared with you in the past — is back with an interesting, portable project from this year’s Photokina. Teaming up with Elinchrom, the photographer set out to show how even a portable, one-man studio setup can produce impressive results.

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