The Top 50 Wedding Photographs of 2023

Top 50 wedding photos of 2023

The top 50 wedding photographs taken in 2023, according to Junebug Weddings, have been unveiled.

Junebug Weddings have been hosting photography contests for the last fourteen years and the images below are from this year’s Best of the Best Wedding Photo Contest which saw nearly 10,000 image submissions from photographers around the world.

Henry Tieu, Mic Panic, and Brittany Boote were among the “world-renowned” photographers assisting the Junebug team to comprise the collection.

Black Sand Beach in Iceland. | Sharyn Hodges Photography
Jakarta, Indonesia. | Tania Salim
Italy. | The Ferros
San Francisco, California. | Sebastien Bicard
Vancouver. | Shari Vallely
Whistler, Canada. | Tara Lilly
Portugal. | Valter Antunes
Arizona. | Traci Edwards
San Francisco. | Will Khoury
Sara Rogers Photography
Highlands, Scotland. | Raini Rowell
Group shot in Tuscany, Italy. | Orsoyla Lazar
Kielder Forest in Northumberland, England. | Eye of the Tyne Photography
Fanal Forest, Madeira. | Nico Friedrichs
Iceland. | Nikolaichik Photo
Vancouver. | Mike Vallely
Martina Ruffini Wedding Photography
Spiridonov House in Moscow. | Margo Ermolaeva
Central Park, New York City. | Manuel Aldana Fotografia
Levi Hriczo Photography
Outer Banks, North Carolina. | Kasey Powell
Taken in Kansas City. | Juliana Jumper
A skateboarding couple in Latvia. | Juris Zigelis
Taken in British Columbia. | Josh & Emilie Ford
Taken in Glencoe, Scotland. | Jim Caryl
Southern Iceland. | Jane Iskra
Taken on the Lofoten Islands, Norway. | Jaakko Perala
Taken in the Birmingham Public Library in Alabama. | Kelsey Justice
Sproat Lake in British Columbia. | Kristen Cook
Harsh Mehta
Taken in Italy. | Emanuele Guadagno
Elsa Romo
Taken in Scotland. | Dylan Kitchener
Singapore. | Dahalan Sarlip
The top 50 wedding photos of 2023
Taken in Capitol Reef National Park. | Carissa Marie Photography
Narrowleaf Love & Adventure Photography
Taken in Toronto, Canada. | Cassie Cetlin Photography
Taken in Skogar, Iceland. | Juniper Woods Photography
David Conaty Photography
Taken at the Gljúfrabúi Waterfall in Iceland. | Bettina Vass Photography
Taken in Lake Como, Italy. | Anna Ascari
Taken in Banff, Alberta, Canada. | Andrew Pavlidis
Valerie Fernandez of Salt and Shores Photography.
The top 50 wedding photos of 2023
Taken in Lozorno, Slovakia. | Andrej Horsky
Taken in Hotel Fort Canning, Singapore. | Andri Tei Photography.
Taken in Cape Town, South Africa. | Anneri Wasserman
Taken in Fayetteville, Arkansas. | Autumn Marie Photography.
Taken in Utah. | The Hearnes Adventure Photography
Taken on the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland. | Caragh Isla Photography
Taken in the Hilton Bucharest. | Dana Miniciuna

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