Photographer Uses Clever Trick To Create ‘Magic Door’ Image

magic door trick tiktok jordi koalitic viral video illusion
A still from the final “magic door” video (left) and a behind-the-scenes clip (right)

A photographer has revealed how he came up with the idea for this spellbinding “magic door” illusion in a viral video.

In the video, which has amassed an astounding 222.8 million views on TikTok, creative photographer Jordi Koalitic uses nothing but clever camera angles and precise timing to create this magical moment.

@jordi.koalitic Magic Door ☀️📱@Xiaomi #xiaomi13ultra #video #sunset #creative ♬ original sound – @Jordi.koalitic

The clip, which was filmed on a Xiaomi Ultra 13, shows a paper door on a page of a book being opened. The magic door opens to reveal a heartwarming scene of a man playing with his dog in a park bathed in sunlight.

Jordi also showed a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot, which showed the photographer working together with another member of his team to create the mesmerizing illusion.

Jordi carefully placed his Xiaomi Ultra 13 smartphone in the frame of a real “door” made in the page of a book. The photographer then filmed through the frame of a makeshift paper door as his co-worker slowly opened it for him.

‘Seeking Beauty in The Ordinary’

Social media users applauded the photographer’s simple idea and stunning execution in the video which was liked by over 14.8 million TikTok users.

“The inspiration came from a previous photo shoot with Xiaomi, which left us wanting more,” Jordi, who has become an online sensation for his extraordinary photos and videos, tells PetaPixel.

“We decided to delve deeper into this idea, this time exploring the video format to enhance the visual impact.

“The concept of ‘framing,’ using elements like windows or doors to create a visual composition, was key.

“We worked to transform this vision into an experience that captured the essence of an emotional moment during a sunset while maintaining focus on depth and visual narrative.”

Jordi says that his creative process is based on simplicity. The photographer wants his work to show how anyone can use everyday objects to make magical and beautiful videos.

“Our approach to the creative process starts with the every day, seeking beauty in the ordinary,” Jordi says.

“From the beginning, we began using daily objects (from water bottles to book pages) looking for new perspectives that would bring a touch of visual magic.

“Simplicity, accessibility, and creativity are our pillars, allowing us to create content that is not only visually impactful but also easy to understand and replicate.”

More of Jordi’s work can be found on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and his website.


Image credits: All photos by Jordi Koalitic.