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Elk from Headbutting Incident Put Down by National Park, Photographer Appalled


A couple of days ago we shared a video/story that has since gone viral across the Internet. The video showed photographer James York getting into a bit of a headbutting match with a young bull elk who took an interest in his gear before getting aggressive.

Today we’ve found out that the elk in question has since been put down by Rangers at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, leaving much of the internet and York himself saddened and speechless. Read more…

Girl Rushes the Field at a Baseball Game, Captures a $1,500 Selfie


The fine for rushing the field at the College World Series final is $1,500, but who can put a price on becoming an overnight viral Vine sensation? Well, whatever price Kayleigh, Emily, and Torrie Hill assigned to viral fame, it was more than $1,500, because they rushed the field and captured some expensive selfie footage in the process. Read more…

David Beckham Surprises Fans Inside a Photo Booth

Heartwarming video alert: soccer fans snapping photos inside a London Olympics 2012 photo booth were given a surprise of a lifetime when soccer legend David Beckham randomly poked his head in. The video above — created by Adidas — captures the priceless reactions of the shocked fans. See if you can spot the die-hard Beckham fan (hint: he’s young).
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World’s Largest Stop Motion Animation

Not satisfied with creating a stop-motion animation of microscopic proportions, Nokia has gone in the opposite direction, this time turning a beach into what Guinness deemed the “world’s largest stop motion animation set.” The 12-megapixel stills were shot over five days using a Nokia N8 cell phone strapped to a 40 meter high cherry picker, and the largest scene spans a whopping 11,000 square feet!
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Tour the World in 80 Stop-Motion Seconds

This amazing video by Romain Pergeaux and Alex Profit shows a journey around the cities of the world in 80 seconds through stop-motion. It was shot with a Sony HX5V compact camera, and shows 640 different photographs at 8 photographs per second. A special rig was also used to show a physical globe with pins in every shot, and the photographs were taken over the course of only 3 weeks. From the official website for the video, it looks like a viral promotional video for Sony’s camera, but it’s a pretty awesome effort nonetheless.

Samsung Shipping Container Camera

There’s a new video on YouTube showing a gigantic shipping container camera promoting a Samsung camera. In the video, bystanders can actually use the “camera” by inserting some money into a coin slot, and then having someone jump onto the massive shutter button on top of the shipping container. The resulting photograph is then displayed on a gigantic screen atop a nearby building.

It looks like this whole thing is simply a viral video created by Samsung. Here are some indicators:

  • The video was posted by cr8yourworld, which looks like an account created specifically for this campaign by Samsung.
  • Can you imagine the lawsuits Samsung would face if this thing were actually real, and people started falling off the container while pressing the “shutter”?
  • There’s a square helicopter at the end

Anyhow, fake or not, it’s a pretty fun idea. If only they actually created something like this (albeit safer) in some big city.

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