Director Reveals How He Makes the Viral Flyana Boss Running Videos

Flyana Boss

The Flyana Boss running videos have been blowing up recently and the cameraman behind the viral clips has revealed how he shoots the thrilling clips.

Flyana Boss are a rap duo from Los Angeles and their song You Wish has become widely talked about thanks to a series of videos where the pair run through various locations while performing the song

Flyana Boss has filmed in busy areas like Walt Disney World, Times Square, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Evan Blum is the videographer behind the clip and while the team was initially coy in sharing how they filmed, Blum has now revealed how the videos are created.

Disclaimer: The below clip contains profanity.

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How are the Flyana Boss Videos Made?

Blum, who specializes in “short-form vertical content,” took to Instagram to reveal that the Flyana Boss videos are a lot simpler than people realize.

“Lots of people are wondering how we did it. Is it a drone, a scooter, a 360 GoPro? I’m here to tell you, no, it’s actually a lot more simple than you think,” says Blum. “It’s just me, a gimbal, a superstar duo named Flyana Boss, and one great idea.”

Blum shared a series of behind-the-scenes clips that show him running at speed with a gimbal in one hand, light in the other, as the team dodges confused bystanders in crowded spots.

“Nobody can do it like him, we won’t run with anybody else,” says Flyana Boss at the end of the video.

Blum also shared RAW footage (above) from their shoot in Times Square, New York which shows just how chaotic the shoots are as the athletic rappers dodge and dive their way through the ever-bustling Midtown part of Manhattan.

Yes, But What Camera Do They Use?

Bella Roberts (bella_does_editing) speculates that Blum is using a Sony camera, specifically the Sony ZV-E1. Roberts also reckons that he uses a Pavotube light while shooting indoors.

But of course, some of the magic is made in the editing and Roberts believes that Blum is using a stabilization lock-on effect which means Flyana Boss is always in the middle of the frame.

“He’s also added some mirror-repeating tiles on the edges,” adds Roberts. “This is mainly done because when you use the lock-on stabilization effect it can sometimes cut off the edges of the frame. So having the mirrored effect on the side just avoids any of the edges look like it’s been cut off.”

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Roberts points out more editing tricks that Blum adds into the videos for extra sparkle. Her analysis video can be viewed above.